Churchbridge Fire Rescue


Kevin Eskra

Fire Chief

First Responder

Serving Since: March 1987

Dustin Eskra

Deputy Fire Chief

First Responder

Serving Since: May 2003

Curtis Bjarnason

Deputy Fire Chief

First Responder

Serving Since: June 2004

Brandon Eskra


Intermediate Care Paramedic

Serving Since: October 2002

Jim Gallant


First Responder

Serving Since: January 1989

Dianne Berg


First Responder

Serving Since: January 1993

Dean Evans


Serving Since: December 2008

Tanner Eskra


Emergency Medical Responder

Serving Since: January 2006

Jody Antosh


First Responder

Serving Since: January 2011

Mark Prier

Probationary Firefighter

Serving Since: May 2016

Steven Shackelton


Serving Since: July 2011

Justin Kornaga


Serving Since: August 2013

Shane Sutherland


Serving Since: January 2016

Darren Arseneault


First Responder

Serving Since: September 2012

Ley Gallant


First Responder

Serving Since

Lance Kaminski


Serving Since: November 2015

Brady Dixon

 Probationary Firefighter

Serving Since: May 2016

Sara Hunt

Probationary Firefighter

Serving Since: October 2016

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Jake Basken

Junior Firefighter

Serving Since: June 2016


Leanne Banga

Public Education Officer
Serving Since:

Corey Berg was born June 10, 1961. In March of 1987, he became a member of the Churchbridge Volunteer Fire Brigade. He maintained his status as a firefighter until he was unable to remain an active member in 2009. During these years, Corey held the position of treasurer within the department. He was a very instrumental part of the team, especially when it came to fundrasing for the department. If there was a buck to be found, he knew where it was and just how he would get it for the department. He also was our Training Officer for a few years and loved to help out the rookies and share with them his knowledge, along with many practical jokes. In October 2009, he was awarded the Exemplary Service Medal for having over 20 years of service.

Before Joining the Fire Department, Corey was active as an ambulance attendant for the health dristrict and along with others, manned the ambulance stationed in Churchbridge. He stayed active with the service long after he became a firefighter. He maintained skills as a first responder after the ambulance was moved to Langenburg by the health district. Corey was very active in protective services until his health prevented him from doing so.

With his wife by his side, Corey answered his "Last Alarm" in the early morning hours of February 28, 2010

Past Members
Walter Andres
Joe Armstrong
Blake Banga
Dylan Berg
Corey Berg
Terry Bowen
Williard Brenner
S. R. Clancy
Ray Clark
Brandon Crane
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Ron Johnson 
Tim Ireland
Winston Jack
Jonathan Jenson
Ron Johnson
Mark Hintz
Gary Horseman
Carl Howie
Tim Ireland
Winston Jack
Jonathan Jenson
Ron Johnson
Julian Kaminski
Gerhardt Klein
Wendy Klein
Gus Knutt
Cecil Laxdal
Dan Laxdal
Dale Lindstrom
Matt Matcyk
Ken McGillivray
Jared Melnyk
Travis Morash
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Simon Naylor
Ernie Neustaeter
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B.M. Olson
Dan Paradaen
A. Paton
Howard Pedrick
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Garry Prier
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Shawn Prier
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M. Rathgaber
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Barry Simpson
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Don Swanson
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Bill Strachan
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Ryan Sveinbjornson
Derek Tatton
Ray Thies
Michelle Tillman
Derek Walkowski
Shauna Welter
Barry Wintonyk
Jim Wolfram
Mike Wolk
Lawrence "Spike" Yanke



Engine 3

1981 International/Superior

471 Detroit Diesel

1050 Hale Midship Pump

800 Gal. Poly Tank 

2 -200' preconnected 1.5" hoselines

200' of 2.5" reduced to 200' of 1.5"

250' of 1" forestry hose

500' of 2.5" hose (reverse lay)

650' of 4" supply hose

2 - 12' hard suction

Floating suction dock

Forcible entry and wildland tools

Class B foam and eductor

24' extension ladder

12' straight ladder

10' folding ladder

3 seat mounted SCBA

Seating: 5

Purchased: 2001

Rescue 2

1995 F-800 Ford/Pierce

Amkus rescue tools

strut kit


partner saw, chainsaw, and reciprocating saw

On board generator

auxiliary lighting

150' electric cord reel

medical bag/defibrillator/spine board

6 SCBA and spare cylinders

Incident Command Area

Rehabilitation Area with Heat/AC

Seating: 7

Purchased: 2011